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Purpose Driven Success. How To Achieve Success in the Most Personally Meaningful Way?

March 15, 2009

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What is Success?

What is purpose driven success? Before I answer, let me first simply ask you, have you ever wondered what success really is?

I am sure you have. I am guessing you would not even be reading this text right now unless you had. It is often those who already have much success in their lives that continue to seek more information on how to become even more successful.

We all have many ideas about what may constitute success: a lot of money, beautiful house, good friends, happy marriage, contributing to our communities, great health, a deep relationship with God or a higher power, etc.

Most often we get our ideas about what success is from TV, from our friends or family, from our society, and so on.

But have you ever wondered that what you are currently doing may not be what can bring you the most success in your life?

Again, I would guess that the answer to that question is probably yes. I bet most of us have, especially if you are immersed with the personal development, and self-help material available for us today. With our information driven society it has never been more important to stay ahead of the information curve, and consequently many already successful people are continuously striving to access and find out the latest success tips and strategies, whether it is to learn to use internet marketing on your business or to learn to become healthier to gain more energy and focus.

What is Purpose Driven Success?

So what then is purpose driven success? Purpose driven success is motivated and driven by a higher calling in life.

All of us have born in to our planet for a special purpose. We all carry seeds of uniqueness in us, and the power to transform our circumstances for better. By connecting and aligning ourselves with our higher purpose we will maximize our personal success and contribution to others in this world. By becoming fully aware of our unique gifts and talents, we can become all that we can and to live our full potential.

The hardest part to success is not to find out how can I achieve more or get what I want , but the hardest part is to find out what it is that we truly want.

Personal Development and Success Industry Today

Most success, business, life coaches, and financial experts agree that to succeed in life, you have to decide what you want, get a crystal clear picture of it, write it down, and then set your intentions and mind on to achieving it. Then by having great determination, taking constant action, and by continuously desiring and filling your mind with your end goal in mind, you will get what you want.

There are great amount of information and resources available for us today that elaborate on how to achieve almost anything imaginable. Based on my personal experience, and witnessing hundreds of successful people, I believe it to be absolutely true that all of us can become successful. With today’s self-help, personal development, business technology, life coaches, and other powerful information and resources available for us, it has become increasingly possible to achieve massive amounts of success, in terms of money, power, influence, health, more satisfying relationships, etc.

The truth is that thousands of life coaches, business coaches, success coaches, relationship experts, and spiritual or religious gurus and authors have sprung up everywhere to help you to get what ever it is that you want in life. That development in the last twenty years alone has been fantastic. There is great success technology, information, and resources available that are fantastic and will help you to succeed. And by learning to align your-self with your unique purpose in this world, not only will you be able to imitate and achieve what others have achieved before you, but also you will learn to create something unique only to you.

You will learn to live through your purpose. By learning to connect with your purpose, it is possible for you to surpass the achievements of those before you and to create something unique to you.

With the development of all of success technology, resources, and help for creating more wealth, love, and health in our lives, it has become increasingly important to define how do you really know what it is that you truly want in life.

How do you know that what you are thriving to achieve or to become is what will make me you feel truly most successful and satisfied. Since achieving success has become increasingly easier, a new question for achieving it has arrived.

(As a side note, of course, I am not suggesting that becoming successful is easy. Nor is my attempt to downplay or discredit the success of others in anyway. All successful people undergo challenges and obstacles. Becoming successful in any area of life takes a lot of hard work and dedication, whether you have lots of support and resources or not. My point is simply that the shear number of successful people today is unparalleled to any other time in history. )

With the increased opportunities and resources available for us a new question in developing our full potential has arrived:

How do I know that what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing?

It has become increasingly more important for many to achieve success in the most balanced and meaningful way. For example, many success experts now realize the importance for advocating a more holistic way to achieving more in your life. After all what good does it do to become monetarily rich if you have become sick and/or lonely in the process? We don’t want to achieve more at the expense of success in any other area of our life.

But, furthermore, more and more people have begun to wonder how can we also make sure we are achieving success in the most personally meaningful way possible.

As we have become inundated with success tips and resources, not only has the purpose of why you are choosing to do what you are doing has become increasingly important, but so also the way in which you choose to pursue your success.

All of us can sit down and visualize what it is that we want, like a red Ferrari, beautiful house, or a happy marriage. And if you applied the many success tips available for you and felt that the goal you sought was important enough; you would have a good chance of achieving it.

However, today we have become also increasingly aware that we won’t necessarily feel good about our success, unless we do it in a more enlightened way.

If we have to achieve success at the expense of someone else, by hurting someone else, by cheating in business, or by destroying our environment, we will not feel good inside nor would we feel successful.

We have begun to realize that unless we become successful in a way that not only benefits us, but our friends, families, communities, as well as our planet and our environment, we will ultimately not feel good about our success.

Borrowing an old saying: “what good does it do to gain the whole world, if you lose your soul?”

So with the increased success that many has experienced in their lives, we have begun to question how can we make sure that we are attracting or creating success in the most meaningful way. This is an exciting development. Never before in the history have we had so much in our lives that we have had the possibility to begin to ask ourselves this question.

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To your success,

Mikko Kemppe