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Paleo Solution, Tim Ferriss And Robb Wolf, Glutein Free Vs. Wheat

September 27, 2010
I personally first got an deeper introduction to the idea of many people having a glutein intolerance or sensitivity at one of Dr. John Grays health and wellness retreats couple of years ago.

Although I have experimented with many different diets, I have not ever tried to be glutein free. But last night just sitting in a Bart coming from my salsa lessons I was reading an article in the blog of Tim Ferriss that was written by Robb Wolf, which inspired me to give it a try. (Link coming soon, I am giving this report from my iPhone as I eat my breakfast :))

I do think that many people are glutein intolerant and that wheat can cause a lot of harm particularly to your digestive system. And I am also a big believer that myriad of health problems start when our digestive system becomes compromised and is not working well.

For the past couple of months I have limited my sugar intake to almost nothing. Basically, the only sugar I have ingested has been via some Builders Cliff Bars (They taste really good). But I have also stopped eating the bars as well as they contain a lots of indigestible soy protein. My point is that I have been fairly healthy and my. Digestive system has been working well, so I am interested to see whether limiting all breads and grains in my diet is going to take my health to an even higher level. I will be journaling some of my experiences here. And here is my first breakfast!

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Excited about my new Vibram Five fingers

September 25, 2010
Just got my new Vibram five fingers!

I’ll be writing a report about my experience with them soon!

Working hard at the Ferry Building

September 23, 2010
Strategy session with salsa crazy Evan Margolin!

Brought to you by the benefits of posterous network! Will write a post about it soon! It is so cool!

Are you able to find the Salsa Rhythm??

September 23, 2010
I thought I would give you a little experiment. Are you able to
find the salsa rhythm on this song? Just count to 1,2,3,5,6,7 and
you will realize that you can actually dance salsa to many different
types of songs, not just your typical salsa music! So make your
body rock to:

Make My Body Rock -Salsa Rhythm Mix (Jomanda) 

Up-dating my blog via my iPhone

September 15, 2010
This so cool! Check out my office where I usually work :).

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