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Paleo Solution, Tim Ferriss And Robb Wolf, Glutein Free Vs. Wheat

September 27, 2010
I personally first got an deeper introduction to the idea of many people having a glutein intolerance or sensitivity at one of Dr. John Grays health and wellness retreats couple of years ago.

Although I have experimented with many different diets, I have not ever tried to be glutein free. But last night just sitting in a Bart coming from my salsa lessons I was reading an article in the blog of Tim Ferriss that was written by Robb Wolf, which inspired me to give it a try. (Link coming soon, I am giving this report from my iPhone as I eat my breakfast :))

I do think that many people are glutein intolerant and that wheat can cause a lot of harm particularly to your digestive system. And I am also a big believer that myriad of health problems start when our digestive system becomes compromised and is not working well.

For the past couple of months I have limited my sugar intake to almost nothing. Basically, the only sugar I have ingested has been via some Builders Cliff Bars (They taste really good). But I have also stopped eating the bars as well as they contain a lots of indigestible soy protein. My point is that I have been fairly healthy and my. Digestive system has been working well, so I am interested to see whether limiting all breads and grains in my diet is going to take my health to an even higher level. I will be journaling some of my experiences here. And here is my first breakfast!

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Excited about my new Vibram Five fingers

September 25, 2010
Just got my new Vibram five fingers!

I’ll be writing a report about my experience with them soon!

Working hard at the Ferry Building

September 23, 2010
Strategy session with salsa crazy Evan Margolin!

Brought to you by the benefits of posterous network! Will write a post about it soon! It is so cool!

Are you able to find the Salsa Rhythm??

September 23, 2010
I thought I would give you a little experiment. Are you able to
find the salsa rhythm on this song? Just count to 1,2,3,5,6,7 and
you will realize that you can actually dance salsa to many different
types of songs, not just your typical salsa music! So make your
body rock to:

Make My Body Rock -Salsa Rhythm Mix (Jomanda) 

Up-dating my blog via my iPhone

September 15, 2010
This so cool! Check out my office where I usually work :).

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Hey, found an old video of me explaining about homozon :)

August 23, 2010
Check it out here.

I wrote a short article about homozon too that you can find by clicking the link! 

John Gray says everyone over 40 has a cancer!!

August 19, 2010
Very interesting! What do you think?

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How a White, Stiff, Basketball Player from Finland Became a Star Salsa Dancer, Dancing With Ease Even With Some of the Best Salsa Dancers in the World.

April 12, 2009

My Salsa Story

When I was growing up, I was a basketball player not a  dancer. In fact, I remember often laughing at some of the dancers in our high-school as I thought dancing was meant to be only for girls.

However, after moving to United States, I happened to hear some salsa music. And something about the music simply captured my soul.  As I then one day happened to see some beautiful dancers dancing to this captivating music, I was sold. I wanted to learn to dance too.

I only had one problem. There were no instructors in the city I was living in at the time. Luckily, however, I happened to meet couple of natives from Central America whom knew few of the basic steps. Excited about learning salsa, I asked them to show me some steps.

Before I started I was nervous and worried that I was just going to make a fool out of myself. I was also little worried that learning the dance would be hard for me, and it turned out that I was right.  I quickly realized that I had no talent whatsoever for salsa dancing. But I was determined I wanted to learn it. It took me months just to hear the rhythm of the music. My basketball movements was just so ingrained in me that trying to move my body in a different way was like trying to bend a steel bar.

I remembered how my Dad used to jokingly tell me that for sure I could never be a dancer because I was so stiff. He used to be a world-class marathon runner, so as I was growing up he was often giving me tips and advice on stretching and endurance training to help me on my basketball career. That time making fun of my inflexibility.

But learning to move my body in a new way was not my only problem. It also did not help that I had no musical ear when I started. In fact, I had almost flunked music class twice, once in third grade because I never learned to play the flute and another time in seventh grade because my teacher told me I had the worst singing voice in the whole school. So with no dance or musical talent I embarked on learning salsa.

Believe me when I say that I have yet to witness a worse dancer in my the salsa classes that I have taught.  I remember practicing my ability just to shift weight from one leg to another  for weeks. Also, learning to hear the salsa rhythm seemed like an insurmountable task in the beginning. And for almost two years I did not even realize that you are supposed to be counting the music.

So how did I, from those humble beginnings, become a great dancer able to lead even some of the best salsa dancers in the world with poise and confidence.

Well, before I share my salsa success secrets with you, I know you may still doubt the truth of my story, so by luck I was able to recently dug deep in some of my old CD’s and I find a short dance clip of me dancing way back in April 23rd in 2004 in an event for international students in our University.

Count the music and notice how I am not even on the right count :).

To see the video, use link below:

Well, at least even then, I had my fans and friends to support me, as you can hear my friend cheering me up in the end :).

If you are saying to yourself that, well it was not that bad, or that it did not look all to way that horrible. Well, what you don’t know is that at this point I had already been practising dancing for almost  two years. Most people would probably have just given up at that point. Because I have yet to witness  anyone who still can’t keep the rhythm after two years of practicing :).

So how in the world did I go from being a stiff, white, basketball player who was not even able to keep the rhythm to become a confident salsa dancers able to dance comfortably even with the best salsa dancers in the world.

Before I tell you my secrets,  see me dancing below with famous professional salsa dancer Shani Talmor (who used to be a partner to one of the founders of LA style salsa Johnny Vasquez and who is now a partner of the most well-known salsa dancers in the world Ismael Otero) in San Francisco last November of 2008.

To see the video, use link below:

Ok, so here are my 5 salsa success secrets that you can also apply to achieving anything else you want in your life:

1. Set your intention for what you want
Unless you know what you want and where you want to be, you will never get anywhere. I knew that if I simply visualized my self
to become a great dancer, one day it would happen, no matter how far fetched and unbelievable my  dream and aspiration seemed at the time. I simply visualized myself become a great dancer and little by little that dream started to become a reality.

2. You have to believe that you can do it.
I am sure you have heard that before. But it is true what Henry Ford said long time ago: “If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, either way you are right”. As you are setting your intentions,  visualize your end goal in a way that seems like you are already effortlessly doing what you want to be doing or have already achieved what you want. Feel how good it feels to have already succeeded in what you want to accomplish, be, or have.  As I was setting my intentions I simply visualized and imagined how good I felt as a great salsa dancer, as if I already were a fantastic dancer, even thought I was just starting out.

3. Be humble and willing to make mistakes.
To learn anything new, you have to become open to learning. And you have to allow yourself to make mistakes. For example, I went and performed in the international student event, knowing that I was going to mess up and not be perfect. But I was willing to take the risk and allow my-self to make mistakes knowing that every mistake that I made would bring me closer to become a great dancer as long as I would be willing to learn from them.

4. Find great instructors, coaches, mentors, or teachers
When ever I travelled to out of state like California, I always searched for the best instructors to teach me private lessons. I find out where the best instructors taught lessons in the clubs and went to every lesson that I could. When I had a chance to go to a salsa event, I would take all of the different salsa workshops that I possible could. When I was home and could not do any of the above, I ordered numerous salsa DVD’s and video tapes. There is simply no substitute to learning from a great teacher, coach, instructor, or mentor on your path to accomplishing greatness in any area of your life.

5. Practise and Take Action
I practised, practised, and practised. When ever I visited a city with a salsa club, I went to dance every night I could. Not only that, I made sure I would dance every song during that night. Even when I only knew a basic turn and crossbody lead, I would simply repeat my moves in as many different ways as I could. After the song, I would thank my patient follower politely :), and go ask the next lady to dance. I would  simply repeat my same old moves with my new follower 🙂 until I became very comfortable and proficient in my moves. Each time I learned a new move, I would then simply add that move to my repertoire and repeat that move the entire dance night.

Because there weren’t any dancers in Monroe, I started a salsa community to teach others to learn salsa, so that I could have someone to practise with. As, we got some dancers, I started inviting some of the best salsa instructors from nearby cities like Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston as often as I could to do workshops because I knew it would not only help our salsa community, but it would help me personally to become a better dancer.

So there you have it. I promise you if you apply these five secrets in any area of your life, only the sky is the limit for you!
You can have, do, and be anything you want in! Believe in your-self and become the light that shines the way for others to believe in themselves as well!

Wishing you much success in everything you do in your life,

Mikko Kemppe

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Purpose Driven Success. How To Achieve Success in the Most Personally Meaningful Way?

March 15, 2009

First Part of My Purpose Driven Success Ebook. To read the whole Ebook visit:

What is Success?

What is purpose driven success? Before I answer, let me first simply ask you, have you ever wondered what success really is?

I am sure you have. I am guessing you would not even be reading this text right now unless you had. It is often those who already have much success in their lives that continue to seek more information on how to become even more successful.

We all have many ideas about what may constitute success: a lot of money, beautiful house, good friends, happy marriage, contributing to our communities, great health, a deep relationship with God or a higher power, etc.

Most often we get our ideas about what success is from TV, from our friends or family, from our society, and so on.

But have you ever wondered that what you are currently doing may not be what can bring you the most success in your life?

Again, I would guess that the answer to that question is probably yes. I bet most of us have, especially if you are immersed with the personal development, and self-help material available for us today. With our information driven society it has never been more important to stay ahead of the information curve, and consequently many already successful people are continuously striving to access and find out the latest success tips and strategies, whether it is to learn to use internet marketing on your business or to learn to become healthier to gain more energy and focus.

What is Purpose Driven Success?

So what then is purpose driven success? Purpose driven success is motivated and driven by a higher calling in life.

All of us have born in to our planet for a special purpose. We all carry seeds of uniqueness in us, and the power to transform our circumstances for better. By connecting and aligning ourselves with our higher purpose we will maximize our personal success and contribution to others in this world. By becoming fully aware of our unique gifts and talents, we can become all that we can and to live our full potential.

The hardest part to success is not to find out how can I achieve more or get what I want , but the hardest part is to find out what it is that we truly want.

Personal Development and Success Industry Today

Most success, business, life coaches, and financial experts agree that to succeed in life, you have to decide what you want, get a crystal clear picture of it, write it down, and then set your intentions and mind on to achieving it. Then by having great determination, taking constant action, and by continuously desiring and filling your mind with your end goal in mind, you will get what you want.

There are great amount of information and resources available for us today that elaborate on how to achieve almost anything imaginable. Based on my personal experience, and witnessing hundreds of successful people, I believe it to be absolutely true that all of us can become successful. With today’s self-help, personal development, business technology, life coaches, and other powerful information and resources available for us, it has become increasingly possible to achieve massive amounts of success, in terms of money, power, influence, health, more satisfying relationships, etc.

The truth is that thousands of life coaches, business coaches, success coaches, relationship experts, and spiritual or religious gurus and authors have sprung up everywhere to help you to get what ever it is that you want in life. That development in the last twenty years alone has been fantastic. There is great success technology, information, and resources available that are fantastic and will help you to succeed. And by learning to align your-self with your unique purpose in this world, not only will you be able to imitate and achieve what others have achieved before you, but also you will learn to create something unique only to you.

You will learn to live through your purpose. By learning to connect with your purpose, it is possible for you to surpass the achievements of those before you and to create something unique to you.

With the development of all of success technology, resources, and help for creating more wealth, love, and health in our lives, it has become increasingly important to define how do you really know what it is that you truly want in life.

How do you know that what you are thriving to achieve or to become is what will make me you feel truly most successful and satisfied. Since achieving success has become increasingly easier, a new question for achieving it has arrived.

(As a side note, of course, I am not suggesting that becoming successful is easy. Nor is my attempt to downplay or discredit the success of others in anyway. All successful people undergo challenges and obstacles. Becoming successful in any area of life takes a lot of hard work and dedication, whether you have lots of support and resources or not. My point is simply that the shear number of successful people today is unparalleled to any other time in history. )

With the increased opportunities and resources available for us a new question in developing our full potential has arrived:

How do I know that what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing?

It has become increasingly more important for many to achieve success in the most balanced and meaningful way. For example, many success experts now realize the importance for advocating a more holistic way to achieving more in your life. After all what good does it do to become monetarily rich if you have become sick and/or lonely in the process? We don’t want to achieve more at the expense of success in any other area of our life.

But, furthermore, more and more people have begun to wonder how can we also make sure we are achieving success in the most personally meaningful way possible.

As we have become inundated with success tips and resources, not only has the purpose of why you are choosing to do what you are doing has become increasingly important, but so also the way in which you choose to pursue your success.

All of us can sit down and visualize what it is that we want, like a red Ferrari, beautiful house, or a happy marriage. And if you applied the many success tips available for you and felt that the goal you sought was important enough; you would have a good chance of achieving it.

However, today we have become also increasingly aware that we won’t necessarily feel good about our success, unless we do it in a more enlightened way.

If we have to achieve success at the expense of someone else, by hurting someone else, by cheating in business, or by destroying our environment, we will not feel good inside nor would we feel successful.

We have begun to realize that unless we become successful in a way that not only benefits us, but our friends, families, communities, as well as our planet and our environment, we will ultimately not feel good about our success.

Borrowing an old saying: “what good does it do to gain the whole world, if you lose your soul?”

So with the increased success that many has experienced in their lives, we have begun to question how can we make sure that we are attracting or creating success in the most meaningful way. This is an exciting development. Never before in the history have we had so much in our lives that we have had the possibility to begin to ask ourselves this question.

To find the simple answer and to read more, visit:

To your success,

Mikko Kemppe